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We Deliver Your
Modern Data Platforms

Best of Show Award

Global ISV Partner of the Year, FY22

Data Platform built in record

Featured in Market Guide for Data and Analytics Governance Platforms, 2021

Featured in Market Guide for Data
Preparation Tools, 2020

Featured in Vendor Identification
for AI & Data Analytics Service
Providers, 2020
Top 10 Pharma Europe

~10x Reduction to

5PB data lake
2000+ data sources
500k+ data pipelines created
Top 5 Pharma USA

~40% Reduction
in Costs

12 weeks to build data platform
150+ data sources
Top 5 Health Insurance Provider USA

~4x Reduction
in Time

8 weeks to create 1100 data pipelines
Enterprise data fabric
Develop FHIR compliant web services

Modak wins at BIO IT Expo & Conference

Modak is proud to announce that Modak Nabu™ is the winner of the “Best of Show” award at the Bio-IT World Conference & Expo, 2022 held at Hynes Convention Center, Boston.

Interoperability Matters

Driving interoperability in healthcare to drive ecosystems.

Data Lake delivered in record time

Modak delivers petabyte-scale Data Lake for a large pharma company in
record time.

Solving your toughest data challenges at scale, in production with tangible results within weeks not months or years

Faster Time-to-Value in your Digital Transformation
Journey with Modak Nabu™

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Smart Data Discovery

Data Spider to automate capturing of
technical metadata for all data sources
both on-premise and on cloud
automated ingestion

Automated Ingestion

Metadata-driven approach to create
and run data ingestion pipelines in an
automated way
active metadata

Active Metadata Catalog

Unified repository of metadata to
automate and accelerate repetitive
data engineering processes
data fingerprinting

Data Fingerprinting

Unique identifier for a set of data that
helps to quickly identify similar
sets of data
data unification

Data Unification

Use of machine learning algorithms to
automate and simplify ingestion,
transformation and consumption of data

Data Automation

Over 2.5 million hours of expertise in the latest Cloud, Big Data and AI, Modak is your trusted partner for deploying enterprise-wide Data Platform

Accelerated data engineering outcomes
driven by
active metadata

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