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Modak’s nabu is an integrated data engineering product used for exploring, combining, cleaning, and transforming raw data into curated datasets. The platform brings 4-10x acceleration in the development and deployment of new data platforms both on-premises and cloud-native

"Featured in Market Guide for Data Preparation Tools, 2020"



Ingest, curate and move your data by orchestrating complex workflows in your augmented data preparation task

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Data preparation

According to a recent study by Gartner, about 80% of the time spent on an analytical project is on data preparation. Integrating data, spread across multiple diverse silos, is a tedious task. Modak’s metaprogramming approach, powered by an in-house developed bots framework, data fingerprinting and industry-leading technologies brings 4-10x acceleration in data preparation.

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4-10x Acceleration in Data Processing

Modak's metaprogramming augmented data preparation and curation approach helps in preparing data effortlessly. The approach reduces the data preparation, ingestion and curation time by about 80%


Crawls and captures metadata from multiple structured and unstructured data sources across the enterprise ecosystem


Automated by deploying data ingestion pipelines on the fly. Over half-a-million pipelines are in action today


Organize metadata based on business, technical and operational needs


Modak’s Proprietary Data Fingerprinting technique helps in Augmented Data Mapping. It significantly reduces manual efforts and reprogramming

Data Services

Our pedigree in Big Data Analytics helped us gain a leading advantage. It is also well manured by deep domain expertise, continuous focus on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. A combined platform of highly skilled workforce, thoughtful leadership and advanced technologies helped us in wowing our clients by delivering “FASTER TIME TO VALUE”


Hadoop Managed Services

24-hour monitoring, managing, and problem-solving services for Hadoop systems


Data Migration

Enabling smooth and hassle-free database and application migration


Data Visualization

The best-in-class data visualization technologies that bring out the essence of data and help enterprises drive faster and smarter business decisions

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