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Automated Data IngestionData Ingestion using Automated Data Pipelines. Capable of Generating Millions of Pipelines automatically

Data Ingestion is not just data acquisition, It’s about prepping the data for curation

schema extraction
Schema Extraction
Capturing Metadata & Lineage
Capturing Metadata & Lineage
Data quality
Data Quality
data fingerprinting
Data Fingerprinting
data tagging
Data Formats & Standardization
Data Formats & Standardization (Conversion)

Data Lakes require huge amounts of data to be processed, in some cases in Petabytes, requiring thousands of pipelines to be created. Traditional ETL-based tools are time-consuming and expensive to use. Modak’s unique & proprietary technology dramatically reduces the time, complexity, and risk to automatically generate data pipelines at scale, reducing the time to create a new pipeline from hours/days to less than a minute.​

Modak uses a metaprogramming approach to generate the code for ingestion pipelines, using the metadata captured by Data Spiders.