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Modak Fireshots™ Accelerate your journey to meet the HL7® FHIR® Standards with Modak Fireshots™ HL7® FHIR® Interoperability guidelines set by the USA Centers for Medicare and Medicaid

Delayed implementation with traditional route

The traditional approach to meet FHIR® standards requires high maintenance of FHIR® servers, which leads to delay in the process of implementation

Strain on stretched IT resources

The slow pace of deployment of FHIR® compliant APIs and maintaining the newly formed data silos burden already exhausted IT-Resources

High implementation costs

Slower implementation of FHIR® standards with traditional route increases the cost of implementation

Poor customer experience

Inability to share data with doctors, hospitals, and pharma companies adversely impacts the customer experience

Impact other Priorities and Projects

The time/span and resources required to implement FHIR® standards affect the progress of ongoing projects

Demonstrated Benefits

5X Faster

Development and deployment of complex APIs than the traditional approaches

Improved Patient Experience

With enhanced interoperability
between external
providers and payers

Low Implementation Costs

Using a template-based approach and shorter development cycle

Modak Fireshots™ Unique Capabilities

  • Configurable and Scalable
  • Reusable and Robust
  • Adaptable and Easy Maintenance
  • Easy Deployment

“Interoperability allows sharing data with different participants within the Healthcare Ecosystem. Fireshots™ helps us in creating reusable Data Pipelines and automates the process of getting the Data together for creating the Data Fabric which in turn liberates the Data.” – Levi Bailey, AVP Cloud Architecture, Healthcare Interoperability Services – Humana