Hadoop Managed Services

Leverage the authority of a comprehensive managed services offering

Modak’s Hadoop managed services addresses the complexities around Data Lake and enables efficient management of data. It prevents data from turning into a data swamp. Efficient data management and maintenance helps in improving the performance of Big Data environment to a great extent.

Our Capabilities

Modak’s HMS, bundled with proprietary real-time proactive monitoring tools, are integrated with native managers like Cloudera manager for streamlined services.

We have a highly experienced and certified DevOps team for Cloudera, capable of managing clusters with 500+ nodes containing Petabytes of data. This significantly eases our client’s journey with Hadoop System – whether it is Cloudera, Hortonworks, or MapR.

This has led to the use of processes that are well defined and tools that are best-in-class for effectively managing, maintaining, and monitoring big data platforms.

Modak’s Hadoop Management Service Suite

Fluid Scalability
Segment Recovery
Capacity and Memory Usage
Tuning, Backups, and Patching
Fixing of Broken Down Services
Upgrades and Patch Management
Holistic View
Pro-Active Maintenance and Monitoring
Load Configuration and Management

Features & Benefits

  • Empowering implementation of successful big data strategies for achieving your business goals
  • Faster speed to market by enabling to adapt to the best-suited technologies and processes to accelerate the deployment
  • Optimize performance by shifting the cold data to dense storage and hot data to the fast storage
  • Lowering the costs of storage by implementing the best data-retention intervals
  • Maximizing efficiency thereby delivering results within budget and timeline
  • Optimize big data resources and Hadoop performance tuning to achieve visibility
  • Successful outcomes at minimum cost