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Modak's Vibrant team

A Culture of Trust

A culture of trust prevails in our organization. And we believe that trust can only come from our commitment to our corporate culture.

We adhere to a culture of – no hidden agendas, no office politics, zero fear of expression of ideas, and transparent communications. Every employee in our organization commits to promoting honesty and integrity at work.

Corporate culture

Our corporate culture sets us apart in a highly competitive marketplace. We believe in our ideals to preserve our corporate culture. Our commitment is our insurance for success.

During the period of challenges and opportunities, we encountered, our culture and values have encouraged us to face them and deliver quality deliverables to our clients.

Do it Once

Modak Analytics recognizes the amount of effort a customer makes in selecting products and services. Modak Analytics solutions make it possible to make a wise decision at once.

Do it Right

In implementing customer solutions, Modak Analytics always aims to do it right, as per customer’s terms, and in the customer’s allotted time frame.

Make it Last

Modak Analytics employees, products, and services give importance to customer satisfaction and thereby, build long-lasting customer relationships.

Women in Data Analytics

We pride ourselves in being a Women-Led organization and being an equal employment provider. More than 30% of our workforce is comprised of women and we believe women have a big role to play in the analytics for being more analytical thinkers, this has helped us to an extent while finding solutions to some of the most complex analytical solutions.

Being led by Aarti Joshi, as the chief architect of people and business growth of the organization, she has been critical in building Modak from a 3-member team into a dynamic, cross-functional 200+ professionals strong company in 6 years.