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Modak at BIO-IT World Conference and Expo, 2022

The best-of-show awards program at the BIO-IT World Conference and Expo, 2022, held at Hynes Convention Centre, Boston, Massachusetts, recognizes innovative solution providers in the Life Sciences industry. 

Chicago [USA]Modak, a leading provider of data engineering solutions, today announced that it was named winner of the Best of Show Awards at the BIO-IT World Conference and Expo, 2022. The honor recognizes Modak Nabu™ for its innovative approach to data engineering. 

“We are proud to receive this recognition for Modak Nabu™. This award is a testament to the continuous innovation and improvements that makes Modak Nabu™ a powerful integrated data engineering platform. Modak Nabu’s self-service, automation, and interoperability features accelerate the data preparation journey for enterprises in multi-cloud and hybrid cloud environments.” said Milind Chitgupakar, Chief Analytics Officer and Co-Founder, at Modak.

Data Engineers and Data Scientists spend up to 80% of their time finding, moving, collecting, and preparing data. Further, integrating, managing, and delivering data to business users to generate critical business insights is becoming challenging with ever-increasing data sources and data volume.

Modak Nabu™ accelerates data preparation services by 4x. By automating mundane and laborious data preparation tasks, Modak Nabu™ significantly reduces the time taken to make data available for analytics initiatives.

Enterprise customers are seeing the following benefits from Modak Nabu™:

1. Automated data pipelines – Simplifies the process of onboarding data from a variety of data sources to different cloud environments which makes Modak Nabu™ truly cloud-agnostic.

2. Automated data discovery and profiling – Democratizes access to data assets by making them discoverable and understandable.

3. Monitoring and Visibility – Provides a real-time view of the progress of data management tasks for different stakeholders, from operations to the executive team.

4. Self-service data management – Complex data management tasks can be executed using a simple no-code and low-code approach, with robust governance controls.

5. Data Mesh and Data Fabric – Simplified data access and self-service data consumption by leveraging the Data Fabric and Data Mesh approach.

To know more about Modak Nabu™:

About Modak

Modak is a solutions company that enables enterprises to manage and utilize their data landscape effectively. We provide technology, cloud, and vendor-agnostic software and services to accelerate data migration initiatives. We use machine learning (ML) techniques to transform how structured and unstructured data is prepared, consumed, and shared.

Modak’s portfolio of Data Engineering Studio provides best-in-class delivery services, managed data operations, enterprise data lake, data mesh, data fabric, augmented data preparation, data quality, and governed data lake solutions.

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