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Our EmployeesTo win in the marketplace you must first win in the workplace

Doug Conant

At the core of Modak are our Employees. We treat our employees as we treat our customers because we believe, satisfied employees maintain and nurture satisfying customer experiences.

Beautiful journey

"The most reliable company which gives you enough challenges to grow in professional life. Having completed 9 plus years of employment at Modak , I can proudly say that every day you are put through a challenging role, helping you to use your full potentials and thus, aiding to meet your personal and organizational goals. At Modak , technology and automation go hand in hand and its awesome to be part of this beautiful journey."
Rajesh Vassey

Technical Program Manager

A jack of all trades

"Modak has helped me in becoming " a jack of all trades " by giving me the right guidance and providing me with opportunities to prove myself. The management is always open to new ideas and encourages every individual to be an innovator. Hence, it’s a right place for those who want to be self-driven."
Akhil Katkam

Business Analyst