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Building Blocks of a Modern Data Platform

Research firm Gartner predicts:Through 2025, 80% of organizations seeking to scale digital business will fail because they do not
take a modern approach to data and analytics governance.

Why such a high failure rate?

In our opinion, incumbent and traditional data platforms managed by IT organizations are primarily focused on very narrow datasets, structured data, centralized governance, and have historically been deployed on-premises. With the proliferation of cloud solutions, the need for a hybrid cloud configuration, and the growing need for wider and continuous data sources encompassing unstructured and semi-structured data sources to fuel AI models – we believe we have reached a tipping point where an alternative approach should be considered. A modern data platform is designed to accommodate not only multi-cloud and hybrid cloud capabilities, but also automated data product delivery as a service and enable multiple use cases.

What is a Modern Data Platform (MDP)?

An MDP is a new approach and architectural pattern of data management. Modern Data Platform provides an automated data infrastructure that continuously feeds analytical models and AI algorithms that learn and evolve as more data is fed into them.

Key Principles of MDP

  • A full data landscape requires inventorying all data sources and not being selective to solve specific and targeted use cases.
  • Consolidation of data into cloud-enabled infrastructure to provide a “Data Lake” – enabling flexibility of deployment on multi-cloud and hybrid cloud infrastructure.
  • Enabling a portfolio of use cases to be created, delivered, and prioritized to business needs and outcomes.
  • The application of advanced AI and ML-driven techniques to automate the standardization and harmonization of data sets into data domain assets and democratization of data with business-owned data products.

To benefit from MDP requires a parallel shift in culture

  • Adoption of a data-driven organization that provides data ownership and accessibility to business users.
  • Senior executives providing subject matter expertise, mentorship, and transparency in decision making and outcomes.
  • Sense of urgency to move faster with a start-up founders’ mentality to rapidly generate value.

To learn more please download the building blocks of a Modern Data Platform White Paper:

Milind Chitgupakar
Chief Analytics Officer &
Co-founder, Modak
Mark Ramsey
Ramsey International
Managing Partner
Baz Khuti
President, Modak USA

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