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Smart Data DiscoverySmart, Governed, Hadoop-based, Search-based, and Visual-based Data Discovery will converge into a single set of
next-generation data discovery capabilities as components of a modern business intelligence and analytics platform.
  • Enterprises have huge amounts of data and information across their federated data silos. The challenge is to enable data teams to rapidly discover and access these datasets rapidly and efficiently.
  • Modak’s Nabu™ Data Spider service has built-in automation capabilities to discover new data sources and detect changes in source data and schema drifts with ease. Simplifying the time and complexity to identify data sources across the organization.
  • The Data Spider service crawls and captures metadata from structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data sources, whether on-prem or in-cloud.
  • The metadata is stored in an active metadata catalog, which is a searchable repository of business, operational, technical, and social metadata.
  • The Data Spider ensures changes in metadata are kept up-to-date, enabling dynamic data profiling of your source data repositories and thus ensuring data analysts and data scientists discover and access contextual data quickly.