BOTWorksBOTs are independent units with scalable functionality. They accelerate the development of business logic by separating it
from code and also help in easy integration of complex workflows

Smart BOTs

Resilient and scalable

Smart BOTs are decentralized event-driven workflow engines, which can scale up based on workload

The core feature of BOTs is that they are asynchronous and able to run numerous tasks parallelly. Earlier, identifying a failed job and rerunning it was a nightmare for data ingestion and curation. Due to manual efforts involved in recurring the failed jobs, SLA breaches were quite frequent and tedious. However, BOTs are empowered to craft high-performance variants of themselves. They are the medium, mechanism, and platform for getting greater value from data analytics and augmented data preparation.

Why BOTs?

Fully Decoupled
Stateless BOT
Stateful message
Compliance to GxP
Schema independent
Failure notification
Persistence in the bus (Kafka)
Monitoring, auditing & logging
Intrinsic regression testing
Distributed for auto- scaling
Workflow using meta messages
Robust error handling (Resilience)
Control center (Spin up, Pause, Stop BOTs)
High volume messaging /High events handling