Managed ServicesLeverage the authority of a comprehensive managed services offering

Modak’s Managed Services addresses the complexities around Data Lake and enables efficient management of data. It prevents data from turning into a data swamp. Efficient data management and maintenance helps in improving the performance of Big Data environment to a great extent.

Our Capabilities

Modak’s Managed Services, bundled with proprietary real-time proactive monitoring tools, are integrated with native managers like Cloudera manager for streamlined services

We have a highly experienced and certified DataOps team for Cloudera, capable of managing clusters with 500+ nodes containing Petabytes of data. This significantly eases our client’s journey with Hadoop System – whether it is Cloudera, Hortonworks, or MapR.

This has led to the use of processes that are well defined and tools that are best-in-class for effectively managing, maintaining, and monitoring big data platforms.

Managed Services

Fluid Scalibility
Segment Recovery
Capacity & Memory Usage
Tuning, Backups & Patching
Fixing of Broken Down Servers
Upgrades & Patch Management
Holistic View
Pro-Active Maintenance & Monitoring
Load Configuration & Management

Features & Benefits

  • Empower implementation of big data strategies for achieving your business goals
  • Faster time to market by adapting to the best-suited technologies and processes deployment
  • Optimize performance by shifting the cold data to dense storage and hot data to the fast storage
  • Lower the costs of storage by implementing the best data-retention intervals
  • Maximize efficiency thereby delivering results within budget & timeline
  • Optimize big data resources and Hadoop performance tuning to achieve visibility
  • Successful outcomes at minimum cost