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Modak Nabu™ accelerates the journey from data to business value

Modak Nabu™ Overview

Featured in Gartner’s Market Guide for Data
Preparation Tools, 2020

80% time of data scientists is taken up in data preparation.
Modak Nabu™ accelerates data preparation by 4X, at a petabyte scale, by automating repetitive tasks, with active metadata services.
active metadata

Active Metadata Catalog

Accelerate data preparation with metadata
including technical, operational, social, and
business metadata
automated ingestion pipeline

Automated Ingestion Pipelines

Automate building ingestion pipelines
in minutes, using active metadata
search explore

Search and Exploration

Intuitive search and exploration capabilities
to discover data, explore relationships, and
assess quality
data standardization

Data Standardization

Standardize hundreds of data formats across thousands of datasets in days, using Modak’s Data Fingerprinting technology
enterprise ready

Enterprise Ready

Comply with data privacy, governance, and regulatory requirements with role-based access control, data anonymization, data lineage, and audit trails

How does Modak Nabu™
Help you?

Chief Data Officer

Democratize data access to
empower citizen data scientists

Data Scientist

Get access to datasets in
minutes, not weeks

Data Engineer

Quickly orchestrate data ingestion and
curation, at petabyte scale

Business Manager

Find the most relevant datasets
for a business case

Enterprise Architect

Drive data standards and compliance
across the organization

Data Analyst

Explore datasets, understand
relationships and assess the quality