Governed Data Lake Made Simple with Modak DataOps Studio

Data Governance

Over 80% of the world’s data is unstructured. Terabytes of data is being generated every minute & fast processing of this volume of data is becoming the need of the hour. More and more firms are now waking up to the reality of the big data.

Modak’s unique and proprietary meta-programming approach ensures faster and effective implementation of governed data lakes. At each layer of the governed data lake, Modak ensures integrity and security concerns are handled effectively.

Smart Approach to
Data Governance

Data Governance helps in maintaining the integrity, availability & security of data & information across business functions. Data Governance ensures high quality throughout the life cycle of the data. Consistent & trustworthy data ensures business analytics, AI models and business value have the necessary checks and balances to provide consistency & accuracy.

Modak’s Governed Data Lake and metadata catalog solutions discover & secure the data which comply to the industry standards & best practices. Business, IT and analytical users can easily evaluate the data quality and manage metadata. Ensuring users stay aligned with the terminologies and definitions. Data users can manage external data sources and provide the unified and transformed data to external applications.