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Seven Habits of a Highly Impactful Chief Data Officer (CDO)

Aarti Joshi
Chief Executive Officer, Modak
The Chief Data Officer (CDO) is the most senior executive responsible for advocating and promoting data as a strategic enterprise asset. The CDO role is rapidly evolving, and their success is critical to driving an organization's growth and innovation charter. CDOs must embrace their role as change agents, and shift from a defensive mindset of data governance & technical expertise to an offensive data strategy by identifying and driving a portfolio of business use cases.

According to a recent Gartner report, 50% of CDOs will fail due to a combination of internal and external factors. Because many external factors are beyond their direct control, the CDO must be aware of key internal impediments to success. The following is a guide to identifying the behavioral habits that we believe CDOs should have.

Habit One – Ownership

Takes responsibility for acting as a catalyst across the organization to identify the highest value portfolio of use cases and how these use cases can be delivered as curated data products for consumption by AI, BI, and analytical teams.

Habit Two – Collaborator

Build relationships and communication that facilitate constructive collaboration that prioritizes business outcomes to discover the data landscape and has an active inventory of enterprise data sets.

Habit Three – Storyteller

The ability to craft and deliver a narrative to multiple stakeholders to build empathy and support for how data can be profiled to drive business outcomes.

Habit Four – Bias for Action

The pace is set on multiple fronts, with technical platforms leveraging pre-assembled cloud services, driving multiple use cases, and engaging across multiple business lines. Starting small but scaling quickly to demonstrate value, and failing quickly, with no blame and learning.

Habit Five – Bridge Builder

Bridges data silos within the organization and with external providers to proliferate an active metadata repository but also ensure interoperability of integration between incumbent and cloud tool providers.

Habit Six – Advocate

To realize the value of data, CDOs must democratize and build an insights-driven organization through Data Products and make these available through Data Marketplace, allowing the monetization of data assets across the organization.

Habit Seven – Monetizes Data Products

Data not only fuels analytics but also unlocks insights generated by AI and machine learning algorithms to help answer the questions of tomorrow. As these algorithms improve the accuracy and types of insights generated with more data, the CDO needs to build “data flywheels” that continuously fuel AI models.

About Modak

Modak is a solutions company that enables enterprises to manage and utilize their data landscape effectively.
We provide technology, cloud, and vendor-agnostic software and services to accelerate data migration initiatives. We use machine learning (ML) techniques to transform how structured and unstructured data is prepared, consumed, and shared.

Modak’s portfolio of Data Engineering Studio provides best-in-class delivery services, managed data operations, enterprise data lake, data mesh, augmented data preparation, data quality, and governed data lake solutions.

Modak Nabu™

Modak Nabu™ enables enterprises to automate data ingestion, curation, and consumption processes at a petabyte-scale. Modak Nabu™ empowers tomorrow's smart enterprises to create repeatable and scalable business data domain products that improve the efficiency and effectiveness of business users, data scientists, and BI analysts in finding the appropriate data, at the right time, and in the right context.

Aarti Joshi
Chief Executive Officer, Modak

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